The California Sutter Health Approach

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The California Sutter Health Approach

Sutter Health Approach

Sutter Health

California Sutter Health is a not-for-profit, community based healthcare and hospital system headquartered in Sacramento, California. The Sutter system serves more than one century communities in Northern California. From its historical roots of being a small community-based hospital in Sacramento, it has developed to be one of the largest healthcare providers in Northern California, nurturing for more patients than any other network. Its affiliate-based system includes 27 acute care hospitals, over 3,400 physicians, 41,000 employees and noted over 2.6 million outpatient visits in 2003.


1). Complete abstract of the case study that recognises the key difficulties and matters, presents backdrop data, applicable details, the answer engaged, and the outcomes achieved.

California Sutter Health Global foremost in infrastructure programs for the enterprise, today broadcast that Autonomy has been chosen by Sutter Health, a premier mesh of 26 not-for-profit clinics as well as doctor associations and other wellbeing care service providers, to supply its Strategy and Business Development assembly with expertise to unquestionably automate the arrest, investigation and dissemination of marketplace intelligence.

Sutter Health chose Autonomy's IDOL expertise to mechanically categorize marketplace report and other data into an electrical devices information repository so understanding can be queried and circulated to propel strategic breakthrough and reporting. Through Autonomy's hyperlinking characteristic, decision-makers can instantly attach to equivalent data and enquire the associations between content. For broader tendency investigation, Sutter Health will use Autonomy's expertise to recognise patterns inside data and gain new insights and comprehending of that information.

“The productive investigation of marketplace data is critical for all dynamic associations, especially in the very fast altering healthcare industry,” said Stouffer Eagan, Autonomy's Chief Strategy Officer. “Using Autonomy's IDOL expertise, Sutter Health's Strategy and Business Development group will be well-equipped to organise its applicable study and understanding material in a more timely and effective kind, permitting the association to better realise the desires of its clients and answer dynamically to the newest healthcare market developments.”

Jim Harrison, Vice President of Business Intelligence at Sutter Health said, "Autonomy is critical for us as we work to consign the right data, at the right time, to the right people. Our Strategy and Business Development groups develop and handle huge allowances of data on a continual basis. While this data can supply large insight and advantages to the association, it is a dispute to competently organise and get access to this increasing capacity of data. Through the use of Autonomy expertise, we will be adept to rapidly and unquestionably harness all our data and recognize its full potential."


2). Identify and interpret the accounting practices California Sutter Health utilised in characterising and explaining its assemblage problems.

As the capacity of data extends to elaborate, associations often labour to competently supervise and investigate market expansion with robust understanding devices and techniques. At the heart of the dispute is the incompetence of most enterprises to leverage data expertise to automate the processing of unstructured information. Adding to the dispute of get access to and visibility, ...
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