The Career Choice And Career Satisfaction Of The Employees In Uk Oil Company

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The career choice and career satisfaction of the employees in UK oil company



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Table of Contents




Overview of Qualitative and Quantitative Research Approaches1

Overview of the Mixed Method Research Approach2

Research Method and Design Appropriateness3

Benefits and Disadvantages of Mixed Method4

Informed Consent4



Qualitative Data Analysis7

Quantitative Data Analysis7


Analysis of Questionnaire9


Role of Motivations19

Impact of Job Security21

Impact of Working Conditions22

Effect of organizational Policies22

Role of Opportunities23

Nature of Work24

Effect of Appreciation25

Involvement and Career Satisfaction26

Sense of Loyalty26

Sympathetic Help with Personal Problems27

Career Motivation Strategies and Job or Career Satisfaction28

Career Motivation Strategies and Retention29

Process Motivation30

Career Management and Motivation30

Career Anchors and Career Satisfaction31







Chapter 3 provides a detailed outline of the research design of the proposed study. This chapter also expands on the elements of the research design, in particular, the research approach of the proposed study. In considering methodology for the proposed study, the researcher considered three approaches. This chapter will expand on these three approaches, including the qualitative approach, quantitative approach, and mixed methods approach.

Overview of Qualitative and Quantitative Research Approaches

The most popular research approaches used to make informed scientific decisions include qualitative and quantitative methods. Differences between quantitative and qualitative research lie in their approach to identification of the research problems and reviews of the literature. The two approaches have different strategies in specifying the purpose, data collection, data analysis, reporting, and evaluating research. In identifying a research problem, Creswell (2005) claimed that it is descriptive and explanatory for quantitative but exploratory for qualitative research.

Quantitative research uses scientific methods to investigate phenomena and address issues and problems. These methods utilize an objective manner that enhances the reliability of the information and reduces biases. Qualitative research answers questions and explores new knowledge in a natural environment. This approach attempts to understand all aspects of people's behaviours, attitudes, and experiences. To address the research questions, the qualitative approach depends on four main data collections strategies: participation, observation, interviews, and analysis.

Qualitative research explores a given phenomenon in order to provide further understanding and enhanced knowledge. Qualitative research questions are generally broad and the numbers of subjects in the study can be small. In qualitative methods, the researcher depends on the observations or experiences of the participants. Creswell (2005) stated that numeric data and analysis through statistics formed the basis for quantitative research. Questions were more apt to be specific and involve large numbers of participants. Statistics allowed the researcher to recognize trends and ultimately find ...
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