The Challenges Of Green Marketing- Case Of Uk Food Retail Sector

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[The challenges of Green Marketing- Case of UK Food Retail Sector]


Table of Contents


Focus of the Research1

Aims and Objectives2


Scope of Research3


Challenges of Green Marketing in Food Retail Sector4

Green and Green Washing6

Green Marketing Mix6





Potential Challenges8








Focus of the Research

The research focuses on the food retail sector of the United Kingdom with respect to the issues and challenges of green marketing. The research will emphasize on the key factors which have preventing consumers to prefer or adopt green retail products. Green marketing has been facing challenges due to the consumer behavior and preference over traditional or non-green products. For this purpose, the research will seek to focus on the major issues related to green marketing in the United Kingdom food retail sector. Environmental awareness and ethical consumption are beginning to play a leading role in the communication strategies of companies. Those that do not conform to a type of green and socially responsible business in the long-run will face consumers' neglect.

Concerns about a healthy lifestyle are not limited to eating less fat or sugar. Making quality products is not enough. Consumers are beginning to require brands to take a stand of solidarity, for both the environment and the societies. Green marketing is becoming less an option but an obligation that consumers are not willing to negotiate. The niche of consumers who care about the natural resources and health has grown rapidly in recent years. According to a report, the green industry has tripled in the last six years, and grows to more than 10% annually in the UK. Two-thirds of the British population is willing to pay more for a brand that carries a serious environmental policy.

Aims and Objectives

The aims and objectives are as below:

To determine what are the factors which prevent consumers from purchasing green products.

To determine the challenges ahead of markers with respect to green marketing.

To discuss the current market situation and consumer behavior in the food retail sector.

To determine if customers are reluctant to buy green products due to green washing.

To determine the marketing strategies for green products.


H1: There is a significant impact of price on consumer purchase decision toward green products in the UK food retail market.

H2: UK consumers are more likely to purchase non-green food products than the green food products.

H3: There is a significant impact of environmental concerns on consumer behavior.

H4: The change in the brand attitude after green marketing activities for retail food brand has a positive effect on the change in purchase intention.

H5: There is a significant difference between green food product consumers and non-green food products consumers.

H5: There is a significant impact of brand image on purchase decision of green food products.

Scope of Research

The research will emphasize on the United Kingdom's food retail sector and identify the problems associated with green marketing. Green marketing has become a necessity for majority of the global organizations as there has been great emphasis on conservation of natural resources and reducing environmentally hazardous practices. Furthermore, there are organizations which only ...
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