The Change Of The Relationship Between The Father-Daughter

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The Change of the Relationship between the Father-Daughter


For any woman in the world, relationships are of immense importance. Women perceive relationships to be very delicate and these relationships can decisively influence the personality, character and life choices of a woman. We talk often about the 'Oedipus complex' and that is the relationship between a son and mother. However, very less is said about the relationship between a girl and her father, but over the years, various researches have been carried out on father-daughter relationship. Studies revealed that the relationship which a daughter shares with her father during her childhood years seems to remain with her in her adulthood as well.

Thus, the relationship of father with his daughter can have a considerable effect on the future life of the daughter. Those girls who have experienced close and supportive relationships with their parents have positive affects on their psyche and they tend to grow mature at a later age, as compared to those girls who have has a cold and distant relationship with her parents tend to mature at an early age.

The Father-Daughter Relationship

The relationship between a father and a daughter is a very special relationship and is constantly evolving. The father's personality and love has a profound effect and influence in many areas of the daughter's life, which explains a number of behaviours that a little girl has protected for the future. For a girl, until the age of three the little girl wears a boundless affection for her mother. Then she moves away from her first and starts turning towards her father. At this age, the father becomes the subject of attraction, and love for the daughter. The little girl goes into a game of conquest and develops a vowing unconditional love and unwavering admiration for her father. Then the role of the father develops further to give his daughter her due place in his life. Aquilino, 193-217)

The father figure in the literature and analytic psychotherapy has always been relegated to second fiddle to the mother. Yet a father has a key role to play in raising his children and, in particular, of the females. It is also a relationship, when the outcome is positive, beneficial to both parties: the young woman will have a positive experience of reality and man male adult will derive the possibility of further personal and emotional growth. (Archibald, 45)

The first man in a girl's life

It seems that the logic has been followed in psychodynamic and psychoanalytic literature for a long time. If we analyze the relationship and the role that fathers play in relation to their daughter, the father has been considered the presence of a "second class", if not absence, while the gaze is directed exclusively to the study the mother-daughter relationship. Yet the father is part of his daughter's life from the moment of conception onward, and his presence lives inside her. All other men with whom the girl interacts with, be it her relationship with her relatives, male teachers, boyfriends, husbands, or ...
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