The Choice Of Treatment Is A Better Alternative Than Jail Time For Drug Users

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The choice of treatment is a better alternative than jail time for drug users


Drug users or drug addicts have traditionally been addressed by the criminal justice system, but gradually the country come to the conclusion that the prison is not necessarily the most effective response, and so few alternatives that arise (Stover McMurran33). They can be an alternative to imprisonment is determined by the court, or often even alternatives to prosecution, diverting the user from the criminal justice system earlier stage. The principle reflected in one of two main objectives the EU Drug Strategy 2005 - 2012, for the prevention and reducing drug consumption, dependence and drug-related harms to health and society. Model Drug Court

The court of first drug use was established in Miami, Florida, in 1989. First developed as a way to remove the increased crime caseloads and overcrowded jails and prisons, the drug court movement has tremendous momentum throughout the United States. In the decades since then, drug courts currently operating or planned in all 50 states (Jacob 325).

Recognizing that incarceration is not only effective solution to break the cycle of drug abuse and crime, drug model combines the trial criminal justice and medical approaches to treatment. However, as is, these techniques can help people break their drug dependency, and ultimately regain control over their lives.

Treatment as opposed to incarceration

Reformers often argue the power to enter treatment in prison or as an alternative to incarceration because they believe this approach will be far more humane than imprisonment. But they ignore the fact that people like Johnny will never be able to avoid their diagnosis, treatment, marking and recording of court supervision (Gossip Marsden 197). Instead of sparing the conditions more people are imprisoned, this approach, but would not expand government intrusion into the lives of Americans. And this therapy demise of religion which toys with the OU-concept has the potential to cause far more fundamental and widespread havoc on human life than imprisonment. Among other things, requirements for participation in the 12-step meetings and to refrain can be extended almost indefinitely, with the threat of jail to keep a man in the queue.

Studies in the Rand Corporation indicated that the funds be better spent on drug treatment than for drug interdiction and prosecution of drug users. This is true to a point, because our current drugs policy is completely wrong and extremely expensive ...
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