The Christmas Muffins

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The Christmas Muffins


The paper focuses on the memories of childhood related to food and the nostalgic moments that every person goes through in his life.

Delicious foods from childhood who bring with them a whole procession of memories; snacks that we devour in secret a garden, apple that you bite a book in hand, and blackberries raspberries that make us swoon, cherries eaten to death, and pralines coveted.

Thesis Statement

Foods from the childhood always remain alive in our senses.


The holiday blues are very common. The causes can be quite varied but generally many of the people who are depressed tend to feel lonely. They tend to think that they will receive as much love or other gifts. Other people are afraid to see relatives and friends and not look good. Still others fear the comments from family and friends during the holidays. Christmas brings back memories of childhood, and those memories are good or not or the situation has changed we tend to feel sad.

As a kid, I was facinated looking at my grandmother in the kitchen; making those delicious muffins topped with her love and affection. It is true we can never let go our memories from the childhood, spcially those special moments spent with our loved ones who are no longer with us. I still miss those perfectly baked muffins with colorful candy variations to draw me towards eating a healthy sweet rather than munching on those unhealthy candies and chocolates from the market. Later, the legacy was run as a responsibility of my mother.

I have always had a sweet tooth for home made bakery items and dessert. For this reason I like to remember my Christmases as a child, times were so different from now! The Christmas holidays are not a competition or are just gifts and food. The holidays are a celebration and that does not need much. I still recall my father's words “Use your imagination when decorating, cooking and fix”. These words very few, but very important in my life. He made me understand the deep meanings of these words.

As I remember it, a few days before Christmas, my mother for the donuts and ice cream made special arrangements of assorted nuts, fresh cream and fruits. I admire here efforts that even today she continues to follow the same virtue every christmas. The best part of this christmas fun is that the whole family gets involved in ...
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