The Common App Fallacy

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The Common App Fallacy

Thesis Statement

Colleges nationwide, from Yale University to the University of South Carolina, have been accounting extensive growth in requests for paid job for years now. Part of that is good, as that possibly signifies that more youngsters are fascinated in following higher education. The downside, of course, is that more aren't getting into the schools they like or deserve.

Critical Analysis

In rank to act against this, learners ask for to as more schools as they can, spitting requests for paid job out like unpleasant savour saliva. The midpoint from population I've chatted to looks like to be throughout 10, though more that I recognise have utilised to higher of 16.

It's a tiny miracle that I'm competent to have this post for you today. No, I'm not a sufferer of crippling arthritis, neither did my gluey laptop keyboard give me carpal excavations syndrome. Rather, it dawned on me that I was one of over 11,000 picked from a pool of close to 34,000 learners, as the Office of Undergraduate Admissions descriptions, to unite New York University's freshman class last year. If I were a smarter man, I'd start playing the lottery.

Truth is, educational school requests for paid job are a crapshoot in this day and age. My acquaintances back household, with GPAs that resemble the inhabitants of China and extracurriculars that make Jimmy Carter view like a slothful aged coot, are getting fastened out of the Ivies, fastened out of their "targets," and, well, fastened out of everywhere. At this rate, it looks like the only thing most of them will be getting into is antidepressants.

It's not their clear fault, though; universities, the College Board, and least of all, the Common Application are nurturing this dance. The College Board makes it not hard to discharge those ...
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