The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, News, Mock News

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The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, News, Mock News

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, News, Mock News


The famous American comedian, actor and writer Jon Stewart has been extremely well-known for his fake news show called 'The Daily Show with Jon Stewart' for years, which runs on the cable television channel comedy central. The popular comedian, Jon Stewart was born in the New York City and later was raised in New Jersey, where he attended the College of William and Mary. He even went through a phase of his life when he did some low profile and odd jobs until when he finally started his career as a stand-up comedian in the year 1986 in the New York City. Since then the star comedian has been working with different television channels and also been involved in a number of other projects. He even did some good piece of writing and published a volume of comic essays, 'Naked Pictures of Famous People 'in the year 1998, and after one year Jon Stewart became a part of the television show called The Daily Show as a host in the year 1999.

In his night show, the comedian and writer Jon Stewart ridicules and make fun of popular culture along with current events and news with his jokes and funny gestures. Most of the time main targets of Jon Stewart in his show have always been media and politicians. The show did great for Jon Stewart's career development. However, the popularity of the show and Jon Stewart skyrocketed after the airing of special 'Indecision 200' coverage of the presidential elections for the year 2000 in the United States. After the show, Jon Stewart has claimed several Emmy and Peabody awards to his name. Critics of The Daily Show are of the view that the show has achieved its target audience impressively by presenting a good fun show at people of several politician arguments, but the conservatives have always claimed that the show, Jon Stewart hosts is most of the time full of humor at the expense of Republicans. However, Jon Stewart has several times been caught even in front of the camera declaring that his show has no hidden agenda of influence.


According to several media practitioners and critics, The Daily Show is a different kind of news show with a touch of humor in it and that the show has both political and cultural importance. They say that the show is educating young people of the United States about their politics and current events. But, Jon Stewart says that his show is solely for the purpose of humor (Credo Reference, 2012). What I believe is that the show is catering a number of different kinds of audiences. It is not only educating youth in a light way to get insight about serious politics but is also spreading awareness among adults about the real picture of the political world; with off course some good time humor.

With the gaining popularity of the show in different segments ...
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