The Death Of Ivan Ilych

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The Death of Ivan Ilych


The Death of Ivan Ilyich "- the novel by Leo Tolstoy , on which he worked from 1882 to 1886 years, making the final touches on the stage of proofreading. In his work describes the painful dying of the judicial officer an average hand. Tale is widely recognized as one of the peaks of world literature and the greatest accomplishment of Tolstoy in small literary form (Jahn, 68).

At the beginning of the novel officials are discussing the news of the death of his colleague, Ivan Ilyich Golovin. Everyone considered that he personally will learn from this death. Emphasizing self-interest "living dead", seeking to live a life of "nice and proper," the author turns to a detailed, naturalistic story about illness and dying Ivan Ilyich: "The past history of the life of Ivan Ilyich was the simplest and most common and most terrible (Jahn, 68)."

Trying to show the upholsterer, as should hang curtains, Ivan Ilyich fell from a ladder. This fall marked the beginning of his illness. With time it grew into a deadly flesh-decay (although the diagnosis and remained dark. Dying bodies of Ivan Ilyich turned the awakening of his soul. Emitting spirit, he sees a light and experiencing true happiness. Guide his soul to the real life becomes a peasant Gerasim extending gallery Tolstoy's characters from people who are particularly close to nature (the guy from " Three Deaths " Platon Karataev ). V. Vladimir Nabokov found in the ending echoes of Buddhism (the life in death, light in darkness).


Anyone reading The Death of Ivan Ilych will see an unexpected literary mix that combines the description of frivolities like little meanness, and painted the ordinary common and a narrow mind will discover to his astonishment selfish and small (Ivan Ilyich ), victim 45 years of illness in the extreme suffering that will open eyes. Earlier in this, he is satisfied with his life. As, however, that it develops into a pain that will not go away and he understands that his death approaches, he also realizes that his friends do not see it as beneficial in one day than he imagined, d First rebel , he sees himself as his thoughts must note that this unflattering picture we have of him is based. Then it goes through an extreme despair occurs, however, a kind of transfiguration , a feeling of immense forgiveness coming from who knows where he reconciles with itself, makes him the serenity and is very similar to what we now call the near-death experience (Kramskoy, 260).


Death is one of the central themes of Tolstoy's work. But as it is in the death of Ivan Ilyich it appears in the most naked, most pure, and free of romantic fireworks. A bit like Therese Raquin of Emile Zola where mediocre painter, author of a crime, ended up creating in the grip of perpetual terrible remorse and anguish that embrace, sincere and strong works Ivan Ilyich discovers the end of his life the lie, hypocrisy ubiquitous, ...
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