The Difference Of U.S. From Other Developed Nations In Terms Of Health Care System

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The difference of U.S. from other developed nations in terms of health care system

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Executive Summary

The purpose of this study is to expand the boundaries of our knowledge by exploring some relevant facts and figures relating to the Issue of U.S health care system. In this paper, we have examined different reasons that serve as the basis for the differences of U.S. from other developed nations in terms of health care cost, access and quality. The three reasons were; the major costs of the social security system and Medicare in the United States, the political battle between Republicans and Democrats on how improve the health system, and the system of health inequality across different groups of society, including ethnic minorities in North America.

The difference of U.S. from other developed nations in terms of health care system


The health system in the United States is characterized by contradictions and complexity. On one hand, United States possesses a great amount of latest technology, including many of the top business medicine schools, clinics, hospitals and research centers worldwide. But many American health resources are not provided to much of the population. The great contradiction is that, although, American has one of the largest, expensive and complicated health systems in the world, still over 42 million Americans have minimal access to health resources. The debate on the health system is increasing every year, while system problems affect more and more citizens. The three problems of the large health systems are: System Administration, social security, political influence on the reform proposals and contradiction between the cost of the health system and services it offers (Moon, 2006).

The U.S. the health system is seen as a business subject to free market forces and political manipulation. This report discusses three problematic aspects of the health system in the United States, emphasizing a comparison with the health care system of other nations. The main objective of this report is to present the primary reasons for the problems of the health system in the United States, and to exchange ideas on how to improve health systems in the country (Moon, 2006).

Reasons for the difference in U.S. Health Care

Lately, most Americans are dissatisfied with the health system of their country, and many interest groups have pressured politicians to change the system to one that guarantees universal coverage, by health insurance for all citizens. However, as in every country in the world, many of the proposed reforms have been lost as political promises, and meanwhile the American health system is deteriorating more, every year according to public opinion. The only certainty is that

America as a nation has not considered the issue of health as a human rights issue but as a free market enterprise. In this aspect, there are three points of interest marked on the daily debate of health system in North America (Guglielmo, 2000):

The major costs of the system of social security and ...
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