The Effects Of Global Warming In Antarctica

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The Effects of Global Warming in Antarctica

The Effects of Global Warming in Antarctica

Scientists have discovered a layer of volcanic ash and glass shards in Antarctica, evidence of an old eruption by a still active volcano that researchers believe may be contributing to the thinning of Antarctic glacial ice. The volcano's heat could possibly be melting and thinning the ice and raising the speed of the Pine Island Glacier in West Antarctica. But while the Pine Island Glacier may be thinning because of the volcano, it's highly unlikely the thinning of Antarctica's ice sheet as a whole can be blamed on hidden volcanoes. For one thing, Antarctica has very few active volcanoes. Most glacial scientists, including Dr. Vaughan himself, blame warmer ocean waters for glacial thinning in West Antarctica. (Alley et. al. 2005)

The ash and glass layer the scientists discovered was most likely deposited around the time of Alexander the Great. The eruption would have exploded upwards, pushing through hundreds of metres of ice, spraying ash and volcanic glass shards all over the land surrounding it. Antarctica global warming has become a burning issue of the present time. Global warming in Antarctica will pose a serious threat to the rise in water level. Hence, Antarctica global warming has become a great concern for the scientists and researchers. As most of this continent is covered by ice, the impact of global warming is more acutely felt here. With the increase in the number of automobiles, air pollution has been on the increase in the last 20 years. This is one of the major causes of global warming. Moreover, the chimneys of the factories all over the world emit various types of gases, which pollute the air to a great extent. If the air continues to get polluted at such a fast rate, it will definitely cause a rise in the general temperature throughout the world. This rise in temperature is resulting in the gradual melting of the vast thick ice-sheets in Antarctica.

Some facts and figures listed below will help to understand the serious consequence of the global warming in Antarctica. These are: Since 1974 seven gigantic ice shelves have got reduced in area by 13,500 square kilometers. Due to severe global warming in Antarctica, the Larsen B ice shelf has lost 3,250 square kilometers into the ocean. The global warming has also resulted in increased rainfall in some parts of Antarctica. The global warming in Antarctica has also resulted in the death of various animals like the penguins. The effect of global warming is more deeply felt on western part of the Antarctic Peninsula. Antarctica is considered to be part of the theoretical super-continent known as Gondwanaland, which separated near the end of the Paleozoic era and consisted of South America, Africa and Australia. And, because it once was completely covered in vegetation, many scientists believe it may hold one of the last supergiant oil fields yet to be ...
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