The Effects Of Stereotyping In Advertising

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An Evaluation of the Effects of Stereotyping In Advertising

An Evaluation of the Effects of Stereotyping In Advertising

Case of Absolut Vodka

By simply stating the name of a specific company, is it possible to recall their slogan " ___ is the place for the hardware man." Slogans like this are there to keep your attention, whether it be sexually, athletically, or by shock-value. These sexually charged slogans are not by accident. They are put there for the very reason so you will think about them for the rest of the day. The perfect slogan or advertisement can go on for generations, and can sometimes carry a corporation. One of these firms that you might say has been carried by their history of ad campaigns is Absolut Vodka.

They can be all over the place, in magazines or even on TV, the way that these Absolut ads can turn anything from a woman's body to a brick wall into the shape of their bottle. Shaped the same way as a common liquor or wine bottle, yet still everyone knows that this ad is Absolut-ly Absolut. The perfect example of a mental monopoly is by seeing a solid black magazine ad with a bottle cut out of it; the first thought to cross the consumer's mind is that of the Absolut bottle. The surprise comes when the page is turned and the reader is bombarded with images of scantly clad men and women. Now the double take occurs when not only the traditional Absolut advertising ploy is present but also, this campaign is based around a sexual stereotype. Even established businesses will use gender roles to further product recognition. Because Absolut Vodka uses several ploys that highlight gender stereotypes in an effort to sell their product, consumers need to be aware that drinking this alcohol will not guarantee happiness or satisfaction with members of the opposite sex.

Individual advertisement examples are clearly shown in the first advertisement of a man seemingly climbing a sheet of ice with the silhouette of the Absolut bottle protruding from the side of the mountain. Although many women love the hardcore aspects of "conquering" the outdoors, it is generally thought of as a man's passion to get outside and explore. While this is not the traditional Absolut ad with the mountain actually resembling the bottle of liquor it does do an excellent job of getting its point across with subtle gender bias. Until actually examining an advertisement, it is hard to notice the gender roles that shine through so strongly. In this very ad, at a glance it looks as if they are simply stating that their vodka is strong and on the edge, while in reality this is the Swiss company's way of appealing to the male gender. Suddenly a few pages later the dangerous, and on the edge drink, has been transformed into a lighthearted woman. It is the same as realizing that the woman in the beer commercial is staring at you almost ...
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