The Future Of The Republic Of Ireland Workforce

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The Future Of The Republic Of Ireland Workforce

The Future of the Republic Of Ireland Workforce

Employment growth in the medium term will be greatest in occupations that require third level qualifications and high skill levels, women represent an increasing proportion of skilled workers, as the forecasts published by FAS and the ESRI today ' Today (Thursday, August 2).

These are the main findings from detailed estimates of the structure of the Irish labor market of 2012, conducted by economists at the ESRI. These forecasts are based on employment trends across 20 sectors of the Irish economy and changes in 43 occupations in the workforce.

The results show a strong trend in the labor market. Professionals, associate professionals and management should grow by more than 20% compared to 2005. Apart from these highly skilled trades, personal service occupations, including occupations such as health care, child care, are likely to experience similar expansion.

The strongest growth is expected between companies, financiers and lawyers, which are projected to increase by almost 50%. Other occupations expected to increase sharply managers and skilled workers in the fields of health, education and science.

In less skilled occupations, much more moderate growth is expected that what has been seen recently. Employment levels in agricultural occupations are expected to drop significantly, with a possible decline in unskilled manual workers also.

Economists also examined the trends in the labor market by gender. Women are significantly increasing their share in professional, associate professionals and managers. In 2012, women should constitute the majority of business, financial and legal professionals, and the proportion of managers who are women will almost reach the proportion of women in the workforce as a whole.

The authors emphasize that, as with all economic forecasts, their forecasts of employment are subject to uncertainties. The international economic imbalances, especially ...