The Gog And Magog Prophecies In Ezekiel 38

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The Gog and Magog Prophecies in Ezekiel 38

The Gog and Magog Prophecies in Ezekiel 38


The Book of Ezekiel is named after the prophet, who used oracles and visions to accuse the community, call it to repentance and reveal the fortunes of the people who would return to Jerusalem and reestablish the cult and the temple. Christians commonly used the Septuagint version, although translations by Aquila and Symmachus were also known. Jerome translated the Hebrew text into Latin in 392-393. Prior to Origen, no Christian undertook the difficult task of composing a full commentary on this complex prophetic book. Origen wrote his commentary on the book in Caesarea and followed it with a series of homilies on key passages. Origen's commentary is essentially lost, but Jerome translated large portions of the homilies in the early fifth century and incorporated them into his own Commentary in Ezekiel. In the east, the only full commentary on Ezekiel that survived is of Theodoret of Cyrus (436). He refers to commentaries written by Apollinaris of Laodicea, Theodore of Mopsuestia, and Polychronius of Apamea. Apart from a few fragments in catenae, all of these have been lost. This sparsely reflects Ezekiel's size and complexity more than its perceived importance and relevance.

The book is quoted frequently in a wide spectrum of early Christian texts from the end of the New Testament period, and the surviving commentaries display the importance of the prophecy for various apologetic and theological claims (Blenkinsopp, 1996).

Thesis Statement

The main theme of this paper will be The Ezekiel 38 Prophecies. It should be noted something in reference to the war of Gog and Magog, what we are seeing is only the beginning of the prophecy, which states that when you start the fire, could have a break, for signing a false peace. This would be the best excuse to make Israel fall into the hands of the enemy, and sign the peace treaty, which mentioned hundreds of times on this site. For this war to happen the antichrist would be operating with all their evil in the world. 


In the Bible, the prophet Ezekiel for tells of an end time's conflict that sets the tone for God's re-focus on his chosen people. Right now we live in the age of grace through faith. And this is often referred to as the church age. For the church is saved by faith in the Lord Jesus, his death, burial, and resurrection. This situation has not always been the case. In previous dispensations God has dealt with mankind in different ways. But after the Gog and Magog war of Ezekiel 38-39, we will see God essentially take his eyes off the church, and once again focus on his chosen people. As a result, there are many people out there that believe that the rapture of the church will precede this Ezekiel 38-39 conflict. Whatever the case maybe, the church will be ruptured at least before the start of the seven year Tribulation period when God's starts his plan for the national salvation and regeneration of ...
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