The Harlem Renaissance - Theme 15 Of The Wadsworth Themes In American Literature Series

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The Harlem Renaissance - Theme 15 of The Wadsworth Themes in American Literature Series


In this discussion, I will shed light on the complexities of the Harlem Renaissance by placing myself in a context where I imagine myself in this time. The purpose of this exercise is to enable the identification and expression of how I would personally feel about black writing. I will critique Theme 15 of The Wadsworth Themes in American Literature Series and base my critique of this work on the established views of the time (Bendixen and Parini).


If I was a critic from the time of the Harlem Renaissance, tasked with critiquing the work of a fellow writer in the context of the complexities that prevailed at that time, I would have been astounded at the boldness of the literature that was becoming popular at that time. Placing my perceptions in the adequate context, I would consider the Harlem Renaissance to be an inevitable twist in the preference that people have in literature since social stigmas are undeniably calling for this wave.

While going through the work in question, I am forced to wonder if there have been other writers and writings in the Harlem Renaissance that have been forced to remain silent and subdued before they could raise their head (Bendixen and Parini). Undoubtedly, this Renaissance is not the product of a few decades of oppression. I perceive that the Harlem Renaissance is coming about as a result of the oppression that has continued from generation to generation. Generations of masters have treated generations of their natural equals as slaves. The word slave may have become a near taboo term, but the practices that are prevalent still place colored people in the same box.

Racism and Activism, is Theme 15 in The Wadsworth Themes American Literature Series, is an ...
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