The History Of Baseball

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The History Of Baseball


Baseball evokes more nostalgia among the American persons than any other sport. So numerous persons play the game as children (or play its close relation, softball) that it has become renowned as “the national pastime.” It is furthermore a very democratic game. Unlike football and basketball, baseball can be played well by persons of mean size and weight.

Throughout the first part of the 19th century, small towns formed teams and baseball clubs were formed in large cities. In 1845, Alexander Cartwright wanted to formalize a list of rules that all teams could play. Much of that original code is still valid today. Although popular legend states that the game was created by Abner Doubleday, baseball's factual dad was Cartwright.

History of baseball

Americans began playing baseball on informal teams, with local standards in early 1800. In the 1860's, the sport, unrivaled in popularity, has been described as "America's national pastime.

Alexander delight Cartwright (1820-1892) of New York created the modern baseball area in 1845. Alexander Cartwright and the members of his New York Knickerbocker Base Ball Club, devised the first rules and regulations for the modern game of baseball

Baseball was based on the English game of rounder's. Rounder's become popular in the United States in the early 19 where the game is called "town ball", "base" or "baseball." Cartwright formalized the modern rules of baseball

The first noted baseball game in 1846 when Alexander Cartwright's Knickerbockers lost to the New York Baseball Club. The game was held at the Elysian Fields, in Hoboken, New Jersey. In 1858, the nationwide Association of groundwork Ball Players, the first coordinated baseball league was formed.


Professional baseball was built on the basis of the amateur leagues that preceded it. Interest in baseball as a spectator sport had been fed for over 25 years, when the first professional league began operation. The National Association sent nine teams in 1871 and grew to 13 teams in 1875.

The National Association was short-lived. The presence of the players undermined public confidence in the games, and their presence at the games combined with the sale of liquor quickly took most of their crowds away. After the 1875 season, the National Association was replaced by the National League. Previously, players had ownership of the equipment and run the games, but the National League would be run by businessmen. They set standards and policies of ticket prices, schedules and player contracts.

Southern States

The Southern League is a baseball league minor league operating in the southern United States. It is classified double-A league. The original league was formed in 1885 and closed in 1899. A new league, the Southern Association, was formed in 1900, consisting of twelve teams. The Association closed after the 1961 campaign.

In 1964, the original South Atlantic League (nicknamed "Sally League" and not related to current league of the same name) has changed its name to the Southern League. The original Sally League was half the rated circuit that played from 1904 to 1917, from 1919 to 1930 (when it was known ...
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