The History Of The Roman Catholic Church

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The History of the Roman Catholic Church

The History of the Roman Catholic Church


The History of the Roman Catholic Church wrappings a time span of just less than two 1000 years. As the initial agency of Christianity, the annals of the Catholic Church performances an integral part of the History of Christianity as a whole. In straightforward periods, the period Catholic Church as it is utilised in this item mentions expressly to the Church based in Jerusalem by Jesus of Nazareth (c. AD 33) and directed by an unbroken apostolic succession through St. Peter the Apostle, directed by the Bishop of Rome as successor of St. Peter, now routinely renowned as the Pope.


It has repeatedly been pointed out by church historians, theologians and sociologists of religion that there exists a remarkable similarity between the political system of the ancient Roman Empire and the ecclesiastical system of the Roman Catholic Church. It has been suggested clearly that the ecclesiastical system of the Roman Church was modeled after the system of the Roman Empire. Even a suggestion of this kind will be quite offensive to the Catholic Church hierarchy: accordingly the Church hierarchy will reject it. The Catholic Church has been asserting that the Church was founded by Christ, that its monarchical papacy, the hierarchy and the authority system were all instituted by Christ himself, and that the Catholic Church is the supernatural divine institution for the Salvation of souls.

The Catholic church is the church Christian world's largest, with 1.181 million of baptized , 17.40% of the world's population, according to data collected by the Pontifical Yearbook of 2011 concerning the year 2009 . It is headed by the Bishop of Rome, the Pope , that receives the honorific "Your Holiness." The territory ruled directly by the pope is the Vatican City , which is the seat of the institutions (called Congregations) that help in governing the Church. The current Pope is Benedict XVI , name adopted by the elected Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger .

The Catholic Church is called Roman Catholic Church or Roman Catholic Church. Católica is originally from the Greek word which means universal. This distinction is made ??in relation to other Christian churches such as Anglican and Orthodox Churches , which refer to themselves in the only "Church one, holy, catholic and apostolic church" of the Creed and that would also be Catholic ( sense both etymologically and throughout the content of the term having the aim to proselytize around the world). The distinction in these other Orthodox places of adoration for the Roman Catholic Church is established out-of-doors the administration of the Pope , or are persons from nations where talk has taken up this sign due to hefty use by the applicable groups Anglicans and other Protestants and Orthodox. There are places of adoration in full communion with the Bishop of Rome, having distinct liturgical customs, manage not add the period "Roman". Therefore, to encompass the Eastern Catholic Churches and ...
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