The Hunt For Noah's Ark

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The Hunt for Noah's Ark

The Hunt for Noah's Ark


Noah is the main character of the cataclysmic flood story told in the biblical Book of Genesis. Noah represented the last generation of the era of the antediluvian Creation and became the father of the current world order, thus a link between the ancient past and the present. According to the Book of Genesis, Noah lived for nine generations created the first man, Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve sinned in the world by disobeying God by eating the tree of knowledge of good and evil, this sin of climbing in all creation, so that all mankind was bad at the time of Noah. And God regretted it destroys the human race and decide the world by a deluge. However, God to Noah, the only just, and to protect his family. God commanded him, a giant Noah's Ark, in which his family and was rescued a few representative animals of each species from an aqueous destruction build. Obeyed Noah built the ark and survived the flood. After the deluge, the ark landed on Mt. Ararat, the mountain, somewhere in what is now eastern Turkey, where Noah and his family landed. (Robert, 1999)


Noah is the best and worst of man. It is the best, because before the flood, when God only as fair and untainted by all persons in the world. He is the only one who deserves to be saved from destruction. However, it also represents the worst of a corrupt world. After the flood, Noah drunk and went out. Ham a son of Noah the sin when he "saw the nakedness of his father. Therefore, for the sin of Noah's first creation in the world inherited postdiluvial.

Yahweh Elohim found that men were multiplying on the face of the Earth and the evil grew and his creation was not met, so he decided to destroy mankind. However, he found a good man who found favor in his eyes, Noah. A man just and fair among the people of his time," and decided that he would fall to keep the lineage of men. Yahweh told Noah to build an ark, and to bring with him his wife, his sons Shem, Ham and Japheth, and their wives. Additionally, he had to wear certain types of animals, male and female, and the same to pure should take by sevens and the unclean one partner, and to provide them with food, told him to take and store the necessary food.

Obviously, Noah did not have the knowledge or the tools to build size boat project, the Lord gave him the knowledge and tools. The period that Noah had to build the ark, was 120 years, according to biblical chronology. While building the Ark, Noah and his family were subjected to ridicule by their neighbors who came to harass and make fun of how Noah built a boat in the desert, from which the nearest water was about 15 km away, ...
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