The Impact And Significant Of Corporate Social Responsibility On Banks In Nigeria

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The impact and significant of Corporate Social Responsibility on Banks in Nigeria


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This chapter of the research tends to develop an understanding and identify the reasons for conducting a research onto the identified topic. However, in the context of this paper this chapter would inculcate the notions related to the impact and significance of corporate social responsibility on Banks in Nigeria.


Nigeria has been experiencing recurring conflicts since the 1990's, some of the conflicts include a decline in political discussions on oil wealth distribution, the rise in violent attacks on oil installations, and hostage threats on multinationals' personnel by local militias. This relationship generates organizational motivators for CSR participation because legitimization is highly beneficial to businesses. A salient example is the enhanced reputation created by organizations that are included in magazines catering to the organizations working in a country. For example Fortune's 100 Best Companies to Work for in the U.S. list. Organizations view participation in and ranking on the Fortune list as a very important symbol of recognition. While being part of this list is something many organizations strive to achieve, it is also important to examine if being part of the list serves legitimacy purposes only, or if being a best workplace is also associated with specific organizational CSR actions and financial performance.

Research Questions

Researchers develop questions to accommodate intents of the study. These questions focus on examining and defining direction of the research. Research questions relate to the topic in a broader sense and determine if the research will yield fruitful results. Researchers can also determine the possibility of research using research questions because questions focus on the ideas and information for the paper while linking directly to the problem statement. Research inquiries guide perception of the study, define research proposal, and arouse the interest in readers. These questions are drawn specifically to disentangle the presumed mystery in the problem statement. This research tends to decode the answers for the following questions:

How CSR can play a role to facilitate banks and society?

How is the CSR different of the banks operating in Nigeria as opposed to the banks operating in other parts of the world?



In contemporary society, businesses have seen an increasing emphasis on the importance of CSR activities due to mounting pressure from employees, consumers, and other ...
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