The Impact Of Hiv/Aids On Immigrant African Women: Implication For Social Work Practice

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The Impact of HIV/AIDS on Immigrant African Women: Implication for Social Work Practice



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Table of contents




Purpose of the study1

Background of the study1

Problem statement3

Significance of the study3

Research Question4

Aims and Objectives5

Definitions of key terms5



Illegal immigrant6

Asylum seeker6

Socio economic status6

Summary of the outline of this study6


An Overview of HIV /AIDS8

United Kingdom Immigration Policy and HIV11

Entry to United Kingdom and HIV immigrants12

Deportation and HIV12

Immigration decisions and HIV13

Stigma related to HIV and African Women14

Stigma Management16

Social Resources17



In the United Kingdom, the immigrant women from Africa comprise of an increasingly huge proportion of newly diagnosed HIV cases. Out of these the minority includes the asylum seekers and refugees. For the international development and national health policy the African women are an important issue. So far the requirements of the African women suffering from HIV have remained hidden, very little is known about the issues and experiences of the African women living with AIDS/ HIV, their health care provision views and their psychological needs. By analyzing the secondary data the social work implications in this area will be explored. These findings will indicate that the personalized health care, non judgmental care will play a key role to support the immigrant women of Africa to access suitable HIV services and psychosocial support. But a variety of concerns must not be addressed well.

This introductory chapter focuses on the Introduction to the Study, Statement of the problem, Significance of the study, purpose, and specific aims, definition of terms, and background of the study.

Purpose of the study

The basic purpose of this study is to understand the broad purpose of how the policies of United Kingdom affects the immigrant women of Africa or the women who seek asylum in United Kingdom and this study will also reflect how the social work practice plays a part.

Background of the study

The United Nations Joint Program on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) has emphasized that there has been little progress made across in the prevention of HIV (UNAIDS, 2008). In the United Kingdom (UK) an increasingly large proportion of newly diagnosed cases of HIV are immigrant women from Africa. Refugees and asylum seekers constitute a significant minority which facts and figures show it's changing the phase of ...
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