The Importance Of The History University Of Texas Harris County Psychiatric Center For Houstonians

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The Importance of the History University of Texas Harris County Psychiatric Center for Houstonians


The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston educates health science professionals, discovers and translates advances in biomedical sciences, and models best practices in clinical care and public health.UTCPCh as a component of the University Science Center of Texas-Houston Health has additional unique missions of conducting research on the causes and cures of mental illness, providing professional education care of the mentally ill, and providing community service by providing the resources and knowledge of staff to the local community.

The use of psychiatric crisis services can serve as an indicator of treatment effectiveness. Individuals whose mental disorders are mild or are more effectively treated would likely use emergency psychiatric services less frequently than would ineffectively treated or more severely ill consumers. In order to evaluate this question, the frequency of crisis visits to UTHCPC's Neuropsychiatric Center during the same time period (the previous year) was examined.

UTHCPC is one of the largest mental health centers in the United States. It provides services to people with serious mental illness who live in the greater Houston area. It provides outpatient, crisis, forensic, and indirectly inpatient services. Access is provided only to patients with serious mental illness. Access for adults is almost always restricted to those people with the diagnoses of bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, or clinically severe depression (please see the Mental Health Policy Analysis Collaborative' s report, “The Rationing of Public Mental Health Services in Houston, 2010, pp. 16-20). While UTHCPC serves in excess of 8,000 adult mental health outpatients and 1,800 child and adolescent mental health outpatients at any given time, resource limitations of all Houston service providers cause over 93,000 adults and children with serious mental illness to remain un-served.

Also, usually when the patient is covered under health insurance, Medicare or Medicaid, UTHCPC sends information to the insurance company, Medicare or Medicaid to receive payment for these services. For patients who have no health insurance, reports the UTHCPC treatment information to the Association of Health and Mental Retardation (MHMRA), the agency that pays for uninsured services. UTHCPC trains doctors, nurses, pharmacists, psychologists, and other professionals. Students will help care for our patients and therefore allow them to have access to the files of these patients. UTHCPC participates in the Medicare program and is accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals and Hospital Joint Commission on Accreditation (JCAHO). JCAHQ representatives from time to time, come to the hospital to review medical records and thus, ensure that the treatment is top quality. In addition, the Department of state Health (TDH) inspects all hospitals that accept Medicare patients.


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