The International Accounting

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The International Accounting

The Executive Summary

The report presents a financial analysis of four world famous hotels operational in different states of America. The four hotels analyzed were: The Marriot Hotel, Wyndham Hotels, Intercontinental Hotel Group and Hilton Hotel. Among these the Intercontinental Hotel Group and the Wyndham are global enterprises that have their small brands of hotels and resorts in different countries of the world. The financial performance analyzed with using financial ratios and financial statements methodologies, shows the result that the beach hotel is performing very well in their diaphragm and becoming a competitor of one another. The most successful hotels among all the four are the five star hotel groups that have the advantage of diversification and have large economies of scale.

The International Accounting


Globalization has increased the movement of people from one place to another. People either travel from one country to another to earn a living, enjoy the tourist attraction places and for several other reasons. One thing that is very vital in the movement is a safe, clean and secure environment to happily spend the days in another country. People for this reason use the services of hotels either two star or five star, it depends upon the standard of living of the people. There are several hotels and resorts providing their services in America. Among them for example five star hotels are: The InterContinental Hotel and Wyndham Group of hotels and the for example the two star hotels are Hilton Hotel and the Marriott Hotel. These hotels are providing their services from several years and now have been able to establish different hotels and resorts in many countries of the world. The methodologies that will used to find out the performance of these hotels are through the financial statement records and the financial ratios to compare the past and present financial performance of these hotels. The report will enable to analyze the different services offered by these hotels and their impact on the financial performance of the hotels.


The hotel industry in America has a very competitive environment where there are many hotels, resorts and restaurants providing best services to its customers. The hotel industry caters all kinds of people from different social class so along with five star hotels two star hotels are also available. Marriott hotel is one of the leading hotels in the world and it has been listed as the third largest e-commerce ...
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