The Legal And Moral Responsibilities Of A Teacher

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The Legal and Moral Responsibilities of a Teacher

The course of learning and teaching occurs in an environment in which the rights of students and teachers are persistently being impartial against the responsibilities and rights of school officials to sustain a secure, caring and organized environment. Many local school districts and boards, as well as professional teacher unions, offer their teaching staff seminars, workshops and trainings, that offer detailed information about the first three topics mentioned above.

Moral responsibilities of a teacher

In addition to dwindling supplies, resources, and public support, teachers also face numerous ethical dilemmas in the classroom. Often, their own education and training leaves them ill-prepared to face these quandaries. The implications of such issues can include teachers being disciplined, suspended, or even terminated. It would be impossible to list every moral issue that an instructor might face in class. However, it does help to be aware of a few of them. A teacher must consider the responsibilities during her career (Murphy, pp. 25-36).

Personal Beliefs

One moral dilemma that teachers often face is how much to let their personal beliefs and values influence their teaching. For instance, if students are studying various political systems, and their teacher has strong views about a particular political party, it can be difficult not to express these views at some point. However, mature teachers want students to be able to think for themselves, and not be unduly influenced by their instructor's opinions.

Romance with Students

Inappropriate relationships with students can also raise moral issues. At times, there will be a mutual attraction between student and teacher. In these instances, it is the teachers' responsibility to control themselves. If the students are minors, romantic or sexual relationships between them and an adult may be illegal. If necessary, the teacher should ask for a change in classroom assignment. Maintaining professional distance may be the best method of resolution for the student who is flirting with a teacher in hopes of securing better grades.

Teacher Bribes

Teachers are often the target of bribes by students or parents hoping to secure better grades or preferential treatment for their children. Because accepting such bribes is illegal and against most school policies, it can lead to the teacher being fired and even the loss of their teaching license. Accepting such compensation also fails to teach the student to take responsibility for her own behavior and actions. It is the responsibility of the teacher not to ...
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