The Meme Concept From Dawkins, The Educational Funding Concept From Kozol, And The Paradigm Concept Pattern Kuhn

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The meme concept from Dawkins, the educational funding concept from Kozol, and the paradigm concept form Kuhn

The meme concept from Dawkins, the educational funding concept from Kozol, and the paradigm concept form Kuhn


This research is an attempt to explain the Public learning Funding Paradigm in the United States and point out its shortcomings and areas for improvement. More especially, the difficulties of public education funding, with a aim on value learning were associated on the issue of information acquisition and Dawkins ' concept of the meme. Finally, the recommendations of the author in order to come-up with an alternative on how public schools are being funded were related on Kuhn's concept of the paradigm shift.

The Public Education Funding Paradigm

The issue of public education funding is something that has been a big question since 1969 (Rose and Gallup, 2005. The research made by Kozol (1992) studied closely the case of public education funding within the United States between the years of 1988 and 1990. Result of his study showed that although the aforementioned is considered as one of the most advanced countries in the world it does not necessarily follow that all of its citizens has been receiving superior quality of education. It appears to be that a huge number of children who belong to the lower part of the social strata receive poor quality of education due to a huge discrepancy in terms of government funding. According to Konzol (1992, it appears to be that marginalized children are not given the same opportunity in comparison with children who grew up in wealthier communities. The lack of sufficient budget due to poor academic performance of the aforementioned students and their school as a whole contributed a lot on the further deterioration of the quality of instruction. In addition with this , Kozol (1992 ) have emphasized that the major differences in schools paved the way to issues more than quality education , rather such also significantly affects other concerns such as racial discrimination , social class divisions , institutional and environmental racism , isolation and alienation of students , staff divisions , and even the dilapidation of buildings and health disposition of students (Goslee , 1999 , p . 1 . The issues on the unjust funding of public schools within marginalized community bring forth effects that could be projected even on the far future. Konzol claimed that the huge disparity against students and their schools could harshly affect their future toward the capability of acquiring not only a decent paying job but also the motivation and the capacity to change the community wherein they live.

The Meme concept of Dawkins

Richard Dawkin's theory of the meme is perceived by the author as something that is more than of a neurological and a psychological relevance. For the author, the meme concept is something of an epistemological issue that could be directly related to the issue ...
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