The Metropolitan Museum Of Art

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art


The visiting of any recreation or ancient place increases the knowledge and gives enriched experiences. These experiences provide the individual increased wisdom, a quest for knowledge and exploration, and a good chance of seeing the places around the world. Many people are fond of visiting galleries and museums out of their quest to broaden their knowledge regarding art, history, culture, and tradition. This paper will also discuss the visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


Building and Space

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is normally referred as The Met, is situated in the New York City. It is the largest art museum in the entire United States and, has largest collection of significant art collections. It has around two million works which is included the most precious art work in all the museums of United States. The museum is divided into the nineteen curatorial departments and, the main building is situated on the eastern edge of Central Park which is the greatest art galleries of the United States' museums.

This museum was created in 1870 by a group of citizens of United States. The group consisted of several members such as business men, financers and leading artist of that decade. This museum was first initiated in February 20, 1872 and, situated at the 681 Fifth Avenue.

It was around 400m long and covered the area of 2000000 squares feet which is 190000 meters square. The art galleries of this museum is cared and monitored by different curatorial departments and, each department consists of the scholars and, different curators. There is also a department of scientific research to carry investigation in the arts field and, there is a lot of research work in order to investigate several aspects of arts around the world. The paintings of ancient era of Egypt are the centre of attraction for many visitors. These sculptures and, arts are so well designed that, it look likes real. The modern art is also appreciated by many tourists. There is the numerous interior installed in the Museum which contains arts of Ancient Rome. This museum has been arranging the exhibition each year in order to raise the awareness of art in the citizens of America. The director of this museum is Thomas P. Campbell and, he is a curator and, he replaced Phillipe de Montebello after his retirement in 2008.


The art collection of this museum contains classical galleries which also include the arts of ancient Egypt. There are several sculptures and statues from the ancient era of Egypt. This museum also contains several classical arts of Africa, Islamic arts, and Byzantine. This is also the house of musical instruments and several costumes and other accessories. The museum also holds several weapons and armors from entire world. The galleries also contain the American design and, especially Rome of first century.

Moreover, there are guides that are offered by both, the private guides and the private tour companies which offered the guided visits to the museum. This allows the visitors ...
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