The Missouri Compromise 1820

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The Missouri Compromise 1820


The study on Missouri Compromise is an attempt to highlight the some of the major issues and questions concerning the increasing problem of slavery and jurisdiction. If we analyze the American history closely we would have found out that the history is filled up with the ink of some burning issues i.e. slavery. Therefore, in order to promote the human and civil rights in its best manner, congress and other governing bodies try to prevent the society and system from being slaves.

Missouri Controversy explains the basics of slavery i.e. it explains the issues of slavery in America from 1819 to 1921. Therefore, It is believed that Missouri compromise is the answer to this issue, the major idea is to address the crucial problems as well as, it also recommends a way to solve them.

Thesis Statement

The Missouri Compromise: A detailed study on the controversial issue between slavery and Free state.

History & Background of Agreement

The Missouri compromise is supported by Northern Congressmen. On the other hand, the agreement was aggressively opposed by the Southern Congressmen representatives; the opposition party is more towards pressing the issue and is in favor of slavery expansion. The whole board of representatives from Southern and Northern region, didn't arrive at a conclusion as well as, fail to find out a solution and consent on the issue. Therefore, in order to arrive at a concrete solution; the board decided to make the issue public and let the public decide for a better option. In this regard meetings are organized throughout the nation, in order to gather the voice of public and their review against the burning issue of slavery. (Damani, 52).

Evolution of Missouri Compromise

An agreement between pro-slavery and anti-slavery which was passed in 1920 in the Congress of United States is termed as 'The Missouri Compromise'. It basically engages the idea of slavery regulation at the western territories. Initially, the House of Representatives didn't accept the conditions and clearly refused to accept the compromise. On the other hand, a committee was appointed to discuss the issue. (Burgan, 2006, pp (Damani, 52). 45)

A large number of debates in opposition and are in favor weather Missouri are allowed to choose slavery or freedom for themselves, this debate expand its web to western territories which inferred in Missouri Compromise.

During the sixteenth session of congress the issue of Missouri became the bone of contention. (Which lasted from 1819 to 1821) and at some point in time a moment came where the Union thinks that it is useless to discuss on this issue further. But the Senator comes to the front as the hero of the debate and proposes a compromise in order to settle the issues, in a manner that both of the parties would agree on the issue in the same sense. (Burgan, 2006, pp. 45)

In this regard, the state of Missouri would be a slave state, but pound antislavery sentiment (and votes in Congress) would be “balanced” by allowing admission of the free state of ...
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