The Money In The United States Economy

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The Money in the United States Economy

The Money in the United States Economy


United States of America find themselves in a situation of financial and economic crisis without precedent. The bill for the crisis according to the IMF already far exceeds a thousand dollars. Today, according to current scenario, we learn that the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of the United States declined by 3.8%. The decline is much weaker than expected, but still on an unprecedented scale since 1982. Growth is reduced to 1.3% for all of 2008. All this illustrate the poor state of the U.S. economic situation (Levin and Coburn, 2011). After the inauguration of President Obama, the American dream of a new way of doing politics, and a better management of their country after the Bush years that time eight years. We will try to take stock, or make a summary of the U.S. economic situation with country's key economic indicators, including: the deficit, unemployment, household debt, and the trade deficit. It has been recorded that during the year 2009, stimulus package was approved by Congress which was aimed at improving financial crisis of United States and bring stability in state's economy.

Thesis Statement

Considering current global economic and financial conditions, stimulus package is advantageous in bringing stability in the economy of United States.


Policy analysis

Nobody is unaware that the inauguration of Barack Obama raised hopes of revival in the USA; it has been realized that the fear of disappointment is even greater this time. According to Obama, we clearly understand that he wants to bring the Americans into a more accountable and therefore more transparent. Today, Barack Obama was outraged when he learned that the traders and Wall Street executives have received record bonuses while America is like the rest of the world, is facing the time of financial crisis. The President inherited a situation similar to that of in 1932. Indeed, in 1932 the economic situation of the United States was not the best. The famous crisis of 1929 was passed by. The president has already announced its plan of 825 billion to stimulate the economy. Congress has adopted the plan. It is expected that this plan will save 4 million jobs over the next two years.

The costs and infrastructure investments represent $ 550 billion and tax cuts for individuals and businesses have reached up to $275 billion. It is also expected that the bulk of desired expenditures primarily relate to education and then the extension of health insurance and unemployment insurance rights will be assured which require $ 342 billion (Levin and Coburn, 2011).

The deficit

It is -455 000 000 000 euros in 2008 against -236.9 billion euros in 2000. Indeed, the fiscal balance has plunged dramatically in the Bush era, and it is said that it is not finished. Barack Obama will inherit a deficit in 2009 of close to 1.2 trillion dollars, excluding the impact of the stimulus package (Levin and Coburn, 2011).

Household debt

This debt has risen sharply over the past eight ...
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