The Most Dangerous Game

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The Most Dangerous Game


This is one of the ways of expression, which is based on the use of non-compliance, where it is completely intentional move. The term irony, we can also refer to situations or phenomena that are inconsistent with our expectations, as well as in the case of results that appear to be contradictory to earlier plans. In this case, we can distinguish between other situational irony, verbal irony, as well as many other forms, but these three are among the most popular and most common, or used in texts and speeches. The American author Richard Connell published in January 1924 his successful short story The Most Dangerous Game, "which served several times as a movie template. It concerns a big game hunter trapped on the island of a fellow hunter who, bored with conventional prey, came to see humans as the only quarry worthy of his skill. Zaroff is a passionate hunter like his unexpected guest and had built a castle on the island. This serves as the starting point for the challenge that he can wish as hunter: the hunt for people. A game of life and death begins.

Thesis Statement

In the colloquial meaning of irony, we can identify with mockery, ridicule, teasing, but also a certain distance. The irony is the figure by which is meant the opposite of what is said.


The main aim of this research is to have an argumentative view of this story. The short story “Most Dangerous Game” by Richard Connell is the suspenseful tale of the ultimate hunter, one who hunts humans in a sick, twisted game of cat-and-mouse. The one of the overall themes of the story, as I personally saw it, was a warning of becoming too obsessed with a hobby and the chase for excitement. In the story, Zaroff is ...
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