The Origin Of The Work Of Art

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The Origin of the Work of Art

The Origin of the Work of Art

Setting up of World and Setting Forth of Earth

Heidegger moves along by asking questions about the nature of art and how it comes about. There is a reciprocal relationship between the work of art and earth according to Heidegger. The work of art makes some of the earthy materials such a stone, word and color which produce from the earth. However, in the work of art the material assimilates to a use or function as with the equipments but it allows to show itself as material. For example, the temple work does not cause the material to disappear, but it shows the openness of the world to art. It can be said that the world tends to draw itself into art. The setting up of the world and the setting forth of the earth takes a corresponding character. These connections belong together in the work of art, and they are the unity that constitutes the nature of the work by combining the self opening, and the concealing features [6]. The origin of the work of art is that it depicts the possibility for human beings to come to presence. This appropriates to all the resources that releases by crossing of the essence of truth or the truth of essence. Art is, therefore, one of the ways in which truth as the strife of clearing and concealing can happen. It is one of the ways in which truth puts itself to the world to become effective [1].

Concealing and Self Opening

Another important feature of the work of art is that the artist is a tehcnite not by means of craftsmanship but by bringing on being in the physical reality [4]. The work may be easy to analyse as the ppearance is unconcealed. The earth reveals itself only as one of the depictions of art as each disclosure contains concealment. Earth opens up bringing the reality into the piece of work as Heidegger said [3].

Truth's escapes of itself permitting under the self-denial. The work of art is never a finished product, but the production of art is a world with direct covers, in which the earth establishes itself and hides itself at the same time. The work is an event and is always affected by the event resting in the work of art.

Truth and Artwork

The special perception that requires a work of art is not only aesthetic but also cognitive. The work does not always expose a state of truth, but the truth as only simultaneous occlusion of being. Such work is the reception of the event that is not completed, but one that is moving and alive. Finally, the art as self-assurance focuses on the development possibilities of existence. If art is the set to work of truth in their own way, and nothing else, the concept of beauty is in the center of an art theory '. At the same time, it is important to understand truth as ...
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