The Parole Conditions

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The Parole Conditions

The Parole Conditions


Parole is a form of release authorized by the enforcement of the sentence of imprisonment, which aims to contribute to the better protection of society by facilitating the reintegration of the prisoner. It depends on an independent and autonomous within the limits of its capacity and under conditions determined and accepted by the offender, may authorize the inmate to complete his sentence in the community, unless otherwise noted.

Release the prisoner transfer under conditions of the authority of the detention facility to that of a watchdog able to provide any information, advice and assistance most appropriate to facilitate the social rehabilitation the offender. It nevertheless remains the responsibility of the Government until the expiration of his sentence there is collaboration between the State and community agencies. This decision has the effect of changing the legal status of the prisoner to that of a parolee. The supervisor or agency, which can be entrusted to the offender, must exercise proper control over the activities and behavior of the prisoner after his release from prison.

They must be qualified and competent enough to provide the offender with information, advice and assistance most appropriate, but also to exercise appropriate control over its activities and conduct so that it can complete its sentence in the community without committing further crimes, thus leading to the best possible social reintegration (Lauren, 2010).

Discussion and Analysis

One of the fundamental ties linking prison with the community is the Institute of "probation" is the period spent by convicted having served three quarters of the provisions of the sentence, in a to get probation, if achieved, to exhaust the sentence outside prison (Except as otherwise provided by law enforcement 24660/95 worth deprivation of liberty).

Enforcement of the sentence

Parole is the enforcement of the sentence of imprisonment because it comes ...
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