The Patriot Act; Global Response To Terrorism And Credibility Of "harsh" Interrogation Techniques In Terror Cases

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The Patriot act; global response to terrorism and credibility of "harsh" interrogation techniques in terror cases



Terrorism, whenever discussed either on a local or global platform, is amongst the many reasons of dissonance and distress that seizes to exists among countries, causing endless casualties and wars present around the world. Terrorism, although has been identified as a global phenomenon and a rising threat towards the stability of the global community, does not have any defined meaning to it. If you'd symbolize the term terror and even ask about the most renowned scholars, or search around the relative online databases and sources available in today's modern era of information technology, there is no definition to it (Brian, 2007).

However, while terror does not exist in terms of language or basic meaning, the terrorism does tend to exist around the world, making controversial headlines and breaking news across the globe. Terrorism, to look at from the perspective of history, David Forte, a researcher and a scholar, suggests and defines the terrorism as the 'systematically organized plan of deploying and disembarking threats, fear, rage or even random violence into another territory, area or place which is either of interest or vengeance backed as an ulterior motive of making it a target (Chaliand & Blin, 2007).

Now while this definition tends to make way for raising a lot of questions in our mind, however, it becomes immensely important to analyzing this definition in the light of the problems and situations associated with the current situation of terrorism today. Terrorism and Violence have together been responsible for amongst the most sinister activities prevalent in the areas and the whereabouts of the world we see today (Daniel, Kosuke, Gary & Elizabeth, 2007).

Although the plague has been widespread, people fail to understand, decipher and comprehend the actual meaning and context of the phenomenon under which these disastrous, irrevocable circumstances prevail. In the United States of America Domestic Terrorism initially took hype in the 1980's, in which several incidents were reported. The FBI inquired about all the incidents and related it to domestic terrorism (Erica, 2010).

There were more than 250 cases reported, and after complete investigation, the FBI stamped it under the domestic violence as all the cases carried out were performed by the United States of America's citizens. The domestic terrorism has fled all across the States bringing more uncertainty and panic in the environment (Gary & Laura, 2007).

Over the years, the meaning and the definition of domestic terrorism has changed. Not only has the meaning changed over the years, but also the acts of the domestic violence have also taken fresh faces as people are using various techniques to terrorize people (Hamm, 2007).

In 1994, the Terrorist Research and Analytical centre of the FBI produced a memorandum under which they defined the meaning of domestic terrorism legally. It is defined as an unlawful act that forces violence which two or more people commit (group) in opposition to a person or even a group of people for ...
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