The Power Of Ethical Management

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The Power of Ethical Management

The Power of Ethical Management


In our area of concern, there is a tradition that is to take the models that have been successful in the management of companies in developed countries. Some people suspect that the qualification and training differences are in the “human resource", therefore, these models can be adapted to our situation with a little imagination on the part of managers. More specifically, we can interpret some of the changes that have occurred in domestic enterprises and the implementation of important aspects of management theories. The perspective adopted in this paper leads to an applied ethics, seen as a support for the action, manifested in the form of a decision when there are no clear rules, that is to say when laws or regulations are absent or silent. Ethics is therefore closely linked to notions of freedom, flexibility and decision-making, leaving the field of duty and obligation to morality.

The new fields of knowledge have been introduced and induced new management. Consequently, companies oriented to the future responsibly tend to emphasize the initiative of each of its members, to create synergy through the intelligence of all and to promote high-quality group processes. Obedience has been replaced by the responsibility; resources are used in creatively search of work environments that promote quality of life at work. The knowledge factor has become central to the achievement of success; therefore training programs and the decentralization of decision making have become paramount. The management of corporate culture based on shared ideals has replaced the technical assessment, the qualitative to quantitative achievements, as well as membership of coercion.

None of the usual procedures, nor the many diagnoses of these crises, or even the designed solutions by technocrats, and legal forms, can solve the current situation. Without an ethic that emphasizes life in global perspective, promote fair coexistence projects within societies and reduce violence to encourage the understanding and availability to enforce for all fundamental human rights from the consciousness of the responsibilities and obligations, the whole human society is headed for a collapse that is unresolved for unsustainable accumulation of problems.

We are therefore faced with an ethical urgency. We need some kind of "global ethics", a basic consensus among people on the lowest common humanity on binding values, patterns and basic attitudes unchanged. The current crisis calls for ethical answers that allow us to move toward building a horizon of joint action which makes it possible to generate new options. We must look for a constructive response showing the very meaning of ethical reflection that enables us to engage in the generation of solutions.

Faced with the global crisis, only ethical accountability can be fruitful in building the future. The responsibility is considering and making deliberate forecast with the fate of the possible courses of action and evaluating the consequences and balancing the strength of everything that is beyond one's freedom. It is important to decide something in this view as it is fairly responsible in any decision for an action as ...
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