The Power Of Place: South And Southeast Asia

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The Power of Place: South and Southeast Asia

The Power of Place: South and Southeast Asia

Effect of Climate Change

Climate change is one of those factors that impact the people living in the region. They are the ones who are impacted by the change to a great extent. It is important for the people to make sure that they are not adversely impacted by the changes in the climate. South Asia is a region that consists of countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. They are the ones whose life changes with the change in the climate, which is why, it is important for people to make sure that they take the change in a positive manner and make sure that they are able to work in a normal manner (

As millions of people in South Asia have been affected by the monsoon, there is growing uncertainty about the uneven distribution of monsoon rainfall in the region. In recent years, as some places have suffered torrential downpours, others have received less rain and have even been affected by drought. Climate change could influence monsoon dynamics-a crucial season for the region, delaying the onset of rains and prolonging the interval between these.

One of the more recent disputes between nuclear rivals India and Pakistan have to do with the distribution of water resources, a situation that could get worse as the problem of climate change continues without resolution. The effects of climate change, according to the results of the studies meet, especially the poorest. Thus, by the increase in climate change related droughts, irregular rainfall and flooding threaten not only the existence of some 2.2 billion people engaged in agriculture, but the food supply of the South Asian population as a whole ( The energy supply in South Asia needs to be developed, but ...
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