The Reading Is Othello

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The reading is Othello

Othello change during the course of the play

Othello and Desdemona cannot find support in others who morally unequal to them: these are perfectly honest, but weak Cassio, worthless Rodrigo, Iago's wife, Emily, before the catastrophe obsequious and flippant. He has long rejected the suggestion, Iago, maintaining composure and clarity of mind, until he was forced to surrender to the seemingly irrefutable arguments that he presented. The character of Othello, jealousy is consistent with the nature of his love.

Othello is the greatest suffering - do not torment of jealousy and loss of faith in Desdemona's honesty and integrity in the possibility of the earth in general. But after the deception revealed, Iago, to Othello returns to the faith, and he leaves this world, which has lost all value for him after the death of Desdemona, enlightened and comforted. This is a typical representative of the era of primitive capitalist accumulation, predatory and cynical. His outlook "is reduced to two rules. The first - "a mound of money in the wallet" (a phrase repeated many times they Rodrigo). Second - what could be around to give any kind and that the value of things depends on the point of view. This is the ultimate expression of moral relativism and nihilism, that in philosophical terms (and Iago's also a kind of "philosopher") in England at that time called "Machiavellianism". Othello, who believes in goodness and truth, full of generosity and trust? Although Othello has fallen victim to his credulity, yet morally he is in the play the winner. (Virgin, M., p.59)

In "Othello," Shakespeare emphasis focuses on the relationship Venetian Moor and the beautiful Desdemona. Here again the motif of female treachery, though imaginary, but led to an irreparable tragedy. It would be naive to ignore the jealousy of Othello, as well ...
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