The Role Of Contemporary Australian Media

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The Role of Contemporary Australian Media

The Role of Contemporary Australian Media Abstract Role of media in shaping public opinion and views on major political and social issues has long been the subject of speculation as scientific research. It is generally accepted that we know about, think and believe what is happening in the world, outside of personal experience, first hand, has a shape as some would have organized, on how these developments are set out in the newspapers, and is transmitted through the medium of radio and television. Introduction

Global flows of media throughout history have led to the development and change in many cultures around the world. Since different technologies have become available such as the motion picture camera and radio, the countries were flooded with the sounds and visions from other countries. Everyone from politicians to scientists now agree that the state communications system played an important role in society. It is through the media, in particular, that citizens can be informed and to play an active role in the construction of a democratic peace. Approved, however, that the media too to influence public opinion, and it is the owners of industrial solutions for all decisions. It is against this debate, it becomes crucial for the analysis of critical political economy of media. Critical political economy, while the power and influence exerted by media owners, government and culture. News coverage of the latest facts, news or otherwise, is not known. (OED, 1992:74) Initially, the news was broadcast on the radio, always with a white, male, a leading reading the entire newsletter. "Australian Broadcasting Commission believes that in those days to use the photographs, was to descend to the level of the popular press. Mason & Lean, 1992:42) Today, on the other hand, several studies conclude that television is the most popular source of news and the in which the majority of the population lay their trust. Von

With regard to television media in general, it is news and current affairs which is the rate so highly. Nine News / Sunday rated number one in the top 10 programs in Melbourne on May 2, followed by nine news / Saturday rating 3, and nine news / weeknights ranking tenth. (Warnecke, 2002:10) It is obvious that news and current affairs are the main source of ratings in commercial television, with a constant emphasis on them to upstage his rival stations. It was discussed that perhaps "the most obvious consequence of the channel seven losing most of it's local identity was associated with a sharp decrease in numbers to watch a 6 pm news .... and nine in the Current Affair beat Today Today comfortably. (Warneke, 2002: 12) Since March 2003, Australia is working together with the United States to try to formulate a free trade agreement that "provides a unique opportunity to advance the interests of exporters in Australia, and also provides significant benefits for the country in terms of economic growth and employment" ...
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