The Role Of Victimology

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The Role of Victimology

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The rapid population increase across the globe has sprung the drastic rise in the rate of Victimology. The victims face the fierce pain and torture by the crimes. The role of victimization has changed from the past in the present with the assumptions and predictions for further changes in the future as well. The following essay will highlight the basic understanding of what is Victimology, the brief history, and the relationship the victimization and the criminal and the role that it plays in the society. The role of victimology thus has increased due to the efforts of psychologists, researchers and publication houses that will be discussed in the essay in details.



Victimology is the scientific study of the victims of the crime who face and suffer the physical, emotional and other harms. This includes the victims of violent crimes and white collar crimes along with people who have been subjected to human rights abuse. It is considered as the most interesting field of study by the researchers and the scholars (LeClair, 2007). The victims of the crime are termed as the victimologists. They are interrogated by the investigators, researchers and observers in connection to the crime that have been victimized (Karmen, 2007). It is the study that has been the centre of attention to psychologists especially to the criminal investigators. (

Brief History of Victimology

The essence of Victimology is found in the past years for decades. It is not the new thing that has been established in the society. It was there in the past also when innocent people were targeted to torture, mental and physical harm, have been victimized for injust and unfair. But the studies have shown that the rate and role of Victimology has emerged and increased. ...
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