The Role Of Women In The Church

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The Role of Women in the Church

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The church has seen dynamic changes in the way it operates. Years ago churches were inactive in sending missionaries and women were decidedly prohibited to contribute to church activities. However, recent social changes have made the church more responsible and active. The role of women is also well defined and women have taken pastoral activities and helping their husbands with church activities. The Assemblies of God are subsequently likely to expand because of globalization and due to the followers of Christianity existing worldwide.

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Historical Trends in the Church1

Changing Trends in the Assemblies of God and the Church2

The Role of Women in the Church3

Future Trends in the Assemblies of God and the Church4


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The Role of Women in the Church


Over the years, with the change in social trends and social behavior of people, the trends related to the church have also revolved. The church played a minimal role until the Edinburg, Scotland Conference in 1910 that reawakened Christianity. The conference was to increase and spread world evangelism through deploying missionaries worldwide.The role of the church has seen an entire paradigm shift over the last two decades. The church now has become more supporting in spreading the word for Christianity. The church has become more active and more responsible as compared to previous decades. The paper discusses various changing trends in the role of the church and how the role of women in the church. Moreover, it will also shed light on the possible trends that the church may pick up in the next few years, or even decade.

Historical Trends in the Church

A change in church operations was seen post the Second World War. The period brought about much growth and changes. Various saints and priests got hold of big houses and transformed into chapels where the religious persons like missionaries used to live. While more spacious rooms were used for church services. The chapels were of modern architecture which worked as a great source of inviting more people to the church. The church was becoming more active in spreading Christianity and organizing religious conferences.

The church saw more people attending church services, mainly around the age of sixty and plus. It was the time when the churches used to send missionaries for evangelism through various agencies. Some churches even used to send their own missionaries directly without the agency as an intermediary. The church missionaries used to reach out to people through mutual cooperation as they believed that a synchronized movement can bring out better results and can be more effective.

Previously the churches were more focused on being means oriented, as in, to provide a large number of missionaries in order to spread Christianity. However, later the churches turned goal oriented and focused on targeting few issues and thus achieving more people in the circle of Christianity. Moreover, historically the church had a number of donors to facilitate missionaries and other church services. The church trends have faced continual ...
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