The Shooting Deaths By Rcmp In British Columbia

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The Shooting deaths by RCMP in British Columbia

The Shooting deaths by RCMP in British Columbia



This much is clear: A RCMP officer was dispatched to a country street in B.C. on Aug. 13, 2006, after a close by inhabitant deplored of a man living in marquees in the woods. Shortly after the officer reached, an crisis call and a demand for an hospital vehicle crackled over the police radio. When backup reached, Const. Cole Brewer directed his young individual officers into the plantation where Donald Lewis lay dead, handcuffed to a tree with a gunshot wound to his chest. Graphic content: RCMP photograph of the view, now a coroner's inquest in the logging village of Williams Lake, 600 kilometers north of Vancouver, is trying to load up in the spaces considering the firing in close by McLeish Lake. A committee is anticipated to start deliberations Monday. (Mark, 2007)

On one edge is the RCMP officer who said he was portraying in self-defense and had tired all choices of force; on the other, a widow who asserts her "sweetheart'' of a married man would not ever hurl a hit at a police officer. For some, it bears an painful resemblance to the case of 22-year-old Ian Bush, whose in-custody firing death at an RCMP detachment in Houston, B.C., in October 2005 sparked a public investigation that finally unblocked the officer, engaged of any wrongdoing.


”For me to have to stand there and trial to fight back my married man after he's been shot to death, it's very difficult. Why did my married man have to be killed? He was such a sweetheart.'' Sara Lewis said her married man was living in marquees so he could cut up firewood, which he would then deal to make money. Brewer notified the inquest he discovered Lewis slumbering, snoring in a marquee, and awakened him. (Mark, 2007) He testified Lewis deceived when inquired for his title, and was evasive in responding inquiries about a motorcycle in his possession. The officer said he determined to apprehend Lewis for obstruction, and then the man ran into the woods. (Floyd, 2006)

The police officer provided follow, and said he was hit on the ear by Lewis after catching his shoulder. The two strike the ground and a battle ensued, with Brewer finally setting down some assaults with his baton. As the battle proceeded, Brewer said Lewis became furious and swore at him, intimidating to murder him. Brewer said he discharged his cannon into Lewis's barrel as the two men labored for command of the weapon. (Simon, 2009)

He said he handcuffed Lewis to a tree because he proceeded to oppose, even after being shot, and then ran up the gradient to get a wireless pointer to call for help. It's an article too well renowned for Linda Bush, whose child Ian was shot in a police detachment with no observers in view and no surveillance cameras to arrest the occurrence in October ...
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