The Significance Of Local Trade In Natural Resource Products For Livelihoods And Poverty Alleviation In South Africa

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[The Significance of Local Trade in Natural Resource Products for Livelihoods and Poverty Alleviation in South Africa]



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This study highlights the impact of local trade on poverty alleviation strategies being implemented in South Africa. The first chapter introduces the topic, followed by literature review in the second chapter. Chapter three presents the methodology, while the fourth chapter covers the findings and analysis section of the paper. The fifth and the last chapter provides recommendations for streamlining poverty reduction strategies in South Africa.

Table of Contents



Background of Study3

Problem Statement4

Objectives of Study4

Research Questions4

Purpose of Study5

Rationale of Study5

Significance of Study6


Measuring Poverty9

Causes of and Remedies for Poverty9

Local Trade and span of poverty in South Africa10

Official strategies for poverty alleviation - an assessment16

Poverty and Ethical Concerns22


Research Method24

Literature Selection Criteria25

Search Technique25

Keywords Used26

Theoretical Framework26


Entrepreneurship and growth-inhibiting factors26

Entrepreneurship teaching as a poverty alleviation strategy36




Implications for Study44



The Significance of Local Trade in Natural Resource Products for Livelihoods and Poverty Alleviation in South Africa

Chapter 1: Introduction


Background of Study

South Africa is a country blessed with abundant natural resources but has been awfully poverty-stricken due to past knowledge of apartheid and corruption. The cause for choosing this theme is that since apartheid time span has completed, South Africa has appeared on world stage as one of most undertaking country that presents myriad of possibilities for localized and worldwide trade to be developed. 


Problem Statement

A key locality of argument is if local trade can assists to advance life and earnings, or if it boasts only restricted possibilities to only as a last holiday resort, have assisted to continual poverty.


Objectives of Study

The objectives of study were to:

Determine a advent of poverty in South Africa.

Assessing a influence of local trade to a present poverty reduction strategies in South Africa

Determine a integration of strategies can be used by local commercial incentives to empower a poor and initiatives to combat poverty successfully.


Research Questions

The next study inquiries were taken into concern throughout study.

RQ1: What efforts are in location to complete Millennium Development Goals?

RQ2: Is South Africa prepared to battle contrary to dispute of globalisation in awaken of its expanding poverty rate?

RQ3: What programmes are in location for betterment of poverty-affected South African people?

RQ4: Does racism have an leverage on assesses taken-up by government of South Africa to eradicate poverty?  


Purpose of Study

In this dissertation, these matters, encompassing assistance of widespread but often neglected and somewhat unseen to enquire local trade in natural goods for household security of livelihoods in semi-arid savanna in South Africa. Local and local markets are usually ...
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