The Significance Of Media Relations For The Public Relations

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The Significance of Media Relations for the Public Relations

The Significance of Media Relations for the Public Relations


“Public relations”, is a powerful and significant industry, especially in the current years. Actors and this industry mainly work through the help of the media in spreading persuasion, information, opinions addressing to public on the behalf of their clients. News production, relation-building, networking and other activities intend to be published in the media are a part of PR agents every day work , PR agents which involve Pr consultants, information officers, spin-doctors (Shaw, White, 2004)


Support Of Media And PR To Each Other

Both the industries are equally dependant on each other. The news media, the most familiar, vital & outstanding guide for interested groups to passing their messages so that they can influence their surroundings. Several researches have been arguing that the focus of media has grown widely especially grown in importance to the agents who are dynamic on the scene of policy maker in the wider sense. Becoming central part of the political activity is called Manning. Studies show that the relation between the news media and PR industry often create a close relation in order to fulfil their mutual needs, which is quite similar to the relationship between institutional representation such as “government leaders and politicians” and media (Larsson, 2009,pp133).

The Influence

The influence of the “PR” comes in variety of shapes in our daily basis . It involves everything from the press release and traditional press conferences all the kinds of less or more successful “long-term agenda-setting-related” activities. Serving and producing the media with the material that is used to promote the instrumental purposes of interest are the strategies to control the news media.

Journalists & PR Agents Their Perceptions of Each Other

The views of the” journalists” and the PR experts differ in a ...
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