The Similarities Of The Major World Religons

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The Similarities Of The Major World Religons


The category indigenous religions denote religions practiced by peoples with ancestral or longstanding cultural ties to local places. Despite the persistence of the category world religion and its identification with or denotation of particularly widespread religions (Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Christianity, Islam, and Sikhism), indigenous religions need not be read either in contrast to “world religions” or in isolation from those traditions. In fact, indigenous religions are global traditions in at least two senses: first, indigenous peoples practicing traditional religions live on every inhabited continent, literally around the globe; and second, the diversity of indigenous peoples, whose cultures and religions reflect their engagement with myriad local environments, reflects the stunning heterogeneity of human societies.

Contact, colonialism, and their consequences complicate the picture of indigenous religions today. Because of forced relocation, diasporic growth or immigration, an indigenous person's ties to place, culture, and people may be less direct today than in the past. Nevertheless, indigenous peoples-and women, in particular-continue practicing and passing on their cultural traditions, whether at home or abroad. In fact, distance from local lands and ancestral peoples have created space for creative restorations, revivals, and reinventions of indigenous religions around the world.


I believe that all religions are descended from one, and then spilled. Currently, all religions together as a nation. Believe all in different ways, but God is one. There should be no debate about which religion is more important to clean and so on. Must be one to believe, as one God and we, the particles - we are united. I do not want anyone not to argue, this opinion is achieved after citing through various sources. I think everybody should respect the believer.

Let's discuss some of the major religions of the world and compare them, in their rituals, beliefs festivals and ...
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