The Skeletal And Muscular Systems

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The Structure and Function of the Skeletal and Muscular Systems

The Structure and Function of the Skeletal and Muscular Systems


Robots are slowly replacing humans in many jobs. Because of this less jobs become available to people. Robots will never completely take over human jobs, even when they are more efficient at performing those tasks; humans still have control over them. The storyline of 'iRobot' will not become a reality, at least not in our lifetime. The skeleton and muscular systems play a very crucial role in organism's body that is why I selected these two crucial organs as part of the robot study. This is very crucial as the single-celled protozoan ancestors of animals had their weight supported by water and were able to move by cilia or other simple organelles. Animals use their muscular and skeletal systems for affirm, locomotion, and maintaining their shape.

Skeleton System

By the study of robot, we cannot say that the robot cannot work with the efficiency of human natural system by the two organ systems. The skeletal system is made up usually of bone it also comprises of tendons, ligaments and cartilage, which are arranged into a solid, rigid, structure that supports and protects our body (Thibodeau and Patton 2001). Flat bones are flattened, thin and usually curved; they make up most of the skull and ribs. Irregular bones are varied in shape and size and tend to be more specialized in their location (Shierdan; Lewis and Butler 2001). Sesamoid bones function as pulleys to guide tendons during movement and are usually a small mass of bone that forms in high-pressure areas where extra strength is needed (e.g. the patella).

Analytical and conceptual thought is perceived as intelligence. Robot's intelligence is different from ours, in a mechanical, robot-like direction. Another example would be when robot could not express the pain he felt when Sir died; he then studied more and more about the human body ( He created a central nervous system in which functions the same way biological organs of a human-person, with the help of Rupert. That proves Andrew is capable of analytical and conceptual thought and can solve complicated problems. When robot started to learn and understand more about freedom and how there were others just like him somewhere in the world, he decided to ask Sir for freedom and be able to go searching for his kind.

Almost every bone in the body joins to another bone forming a joint. Joints hold bones together making them secure but also allowing for movement. Fibrous joints provide no movement as the bones are tightly bound together with fibrous connective tissue. Cartilaginous joints provide a slight movement where the bones are connected at the joint by fibrocartilage (Graff 2008).

The skeleton provides many functions to the body and has a role to play in the overall management of all the other systems (Applegate 2005). The bones form the body's supporting framework for softer tissues. Muscle is attached to bone with tendons, which aid ...
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