The Taboo Of Teen Sex Scene On Movies

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The Taboo of teen sex scene on movies

The Taboo of teen sex scene on movies


Indie Sex is a four-part documentary about the evolution of sex in cinema. Produced by the Independent Film Channel, Indie Sex features John Cameron Mitchell, Dita Von Teese, Rosanna Arquette, Peter Sarsgaard, Tatum O' Neal, and others discussing their thoughts and opinions on everything sexual.


Part one is the segment "Censored," in which filmmakers and critics discuss the necessity of sex in cinema. We also get to see examples of early stag films and see the subtle ways filmmakers would imply sex to get past the Production Code Sensors. "Censored" talks about the introduction of the NC-17 rating (first bestowed upon Henry & June) and how Showgirls (Fully Exposed Edition) ultimately ruined the NC-17 rating's chance of getting a mainstream audience. "Teens" covers sex in teen films and how it wasn't until the 1960s that this subject was explored. It talks about Hollywood studios seeing profit in teen sex comedies like American Pie - Unrated (Widescreen Collector's Edition). Of course, the impact of Kids on the teen-sex subgenre is discussed in depth, as well as the early `90s starting to explore teenage homosexuality.

This is not to say that American society is more forgiving lately of racy depictions of sex. The series flashes grainy, black-and-white examples of early movie sex and stag films as lurid as what was to follow; as Shortbus director John Cameron Mitchell puts it in the episode on censorship, "If prostitution is the earliest profession, maybe porn is the earliest art, who knows?"

A wave emerges. Unrestrained depictions of sex on film give way to sanction and harsh control, periods of prudishness and restraint, and a rising symbolism for those who want to suggest sex on the right side of the law. ...
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