The Transitional Paragraphs Of Acts 1-8

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The Transitional Paragraphs of Acts 1-8

The Transitional Paragraphs of Acts 1-8


The main purpose of all people-indeed, of all creation, is worship, love and serves God. God has revealed in the work of creation. As the Redeemer, God created a people, the church, who personifies, and celebrates declare His name and His ways. The relationship between God and his people and the world constitute the history of God. The purpose of the church is to declare the history of God in its entirety. This it does in many ways-in the lives of its members right now who are being transformed by Christ through the preaching, the sacraments, in oral testimony, and missions.

Despite the great diversity of environmental situations, young people have shown common characteristics that deserve the attention of educators. Many live with instability. On the one hand are in a one-dimensional world, which has only what is useful and, above all, providing technical and practical results. On the other, seem to have grown out of this, in some way is found everywhere will get out. Many young people live in a poor environment and relationships suffer, therefore, loneliness and lack of affection. It is a universal phenomenon, despite the different conditions of life in situations of oppression, in the uprooting of the "slums" and housing in estuaries f the modern world. It shows, more than in the past, the gloom of youth, and this without any doubt demonstrates the poverty of relationships in the family and society.

A great mass of young people see their own future uneasily. This is because they easily slide into anarchy of human values, eradicated from God and made the exclusive property of man. This creates in them a fear linked clearly to the great problems of our time, such as the nuclear threat, unemployment, high rate of separation and divorce, poverty, etc. Fear and insecurity of the future involve especially strong tendency to the excessive concentration and favor themselves at the same time, many youth meetings not only verbal violence.

Discussion Analysis

To be a good steward of God's story one must, among other things, engage in careful and systematic study before and after ordination. This should not be done by force but by love for God and his people, the world in which He is working to redeem, and an inescapable sense of responsibility. No one can emphasize too that the attitude one brings to the preparation for the ministry reveals much of what he or she thinks of God, the gospel and the church of Christ. The God who became incarnate in Jesus and that opened the way of salvation for all gave their best in life, death and resurrection of His Son.

The preparation-one education in all dimensions-for ministry in the church of Christ must be sought aware of the responsibility that involves ministry to God and His people. This requires one to take advantage of the best educational resources that are affordable. One way to recognize our responsibility before God is seen in ...