The Value Of Being Alone

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The Value of Being Alone

The Value of Being Alone

How often do you really get a chance to get away and be alone in silence? If you are like most people, in this day and age, the answer is not very often. Between work, school, and relationships, people seem hard pressed to find time to seclude themselves with their thoughts. When they do get some free time to themselves, they turn to the television or the radio for companionship. Believe it or not, just some peace and quiet, away from distractions, can be an extremely efficient use of your time. Relax and clear your head. After a long day at work or a rough day at school, it feels so good to just kick off your shoes and find a comfortable spot to just kick back and relax. It gives you an opportunity to reflect. Think about the day that just past and how tomorrow is going to be a great day. Allow your mind to wander and don't let yourself worry about a thing. I made a habit of doing this every single night. (Exley 2002)

Your brain is solving problems and creating ideas even when you don't know it. Your subconscious is extremely powerful but you need some time to allow those thoughts that are brewing in the back of your mind to make their way out.You could be a genius and not even know it.

Some of the greatest minds in history attribute at least part of their success to the fact that they spent some time alone. Spending time alone allows you to really think deeply about your goals and your strategies. Albert Einstein was known to be a quiet person that spent a lot of time to himself. He was one of the greatest and most influential ...
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