The Walking Dead: A Marine's Story Of Vietnam Author Craig Roberts And Charles W Sasser

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The Walking Dead: A Marine's Story of Vietnam Author Craig Roberts and Charles W Sasser


The Vietnam War was the longest conflict in United States history. It continued from 1957 to 1975. The U.S. got engaged in this conflict to halt communism from spreading; first in one-by-one nations and then confidently in the world. Vietnam was split up along the 17th parallel (Moyar 151). It was split up to assemble a communist part in the north part of Vietnam and a popular part in the south part of Vietnam. The North akin with the United States and the South akin with Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, South Korea, and Thailand. During Kennedy's management, the United States dispatched numerous armies and advisers to the North. On April 30th, 1975, South Vietnam submitted to communism (U.S. Department of Defence, U.S.-Vietnam Relations 2). The Vietnam War was a tremendously destructive conflict and stood as a gigantic malfunction in the eyes of the American people. This manifestly brandished all through the attitudes and reflective ideas of those honourable persons that were hurt in the conflict or left to dress the wounded (Demma 26).

Throughout the history of the United States Marine Corps, agents and recruited alike have consistently differentiated themselves, through altruistic and heroic actions of bravery on the battlefield (Roberts 24). During America's involvement in the Vietnam War, 1st Battalion 9th Marines, Third Marine Division, nicknamed The Walking Dead, was no exclusion to this tradition. One Nine's roster is replete with titles of men who acquired numerous older individual adornments for bravery and valor, often at the cost of their lives. Unfortunately, charges were high throughout the War in RVN, as evidenced by more than 440 of the Walking Dead slain in activity and over 2500 hurt in action (Roberts 15).

In their book, The Walking Dead: A Marines Story of Vietnam, Major Craig Roberts, USA ret. and former Green Beret medic, Charles W. Sasser, accelerate a story of the heroic exploits of Pfc. Craig Roberts. The story takes location in 1965 when Roberts was assisting a trip with 3rd Battalion 9th Marines and 2nd Battalion 9th Marines, Third Marine Division. This book was in writing to apply to non-Marine, non-Vietnam veterans, who are not worried with historical correctness and are not outraged by Roberts's disingenuous self aggrandizement (Roberts 24).

Roberts betrays his need of affiliation with The Walking Dead by referring to it as 2nd Battalion 9th Marines. One would be hard pushed to find a Marine Vietnam veteran who doesn't understand that The Walking Dead is the First Battalion of the Ninth Marines and not the Second Battalion (Roberts 38). This might appear trivial to non-Marine readers, but it would be matching, in the sports world, to Joe Montana, composing a book about his vocation and asserting that he performed for the San Francisco Raiders. Roberts and Sasser furthermore accelerate the non sequitor bovine scat that throughout his trip, Pfc. Roberts was not only a marine rifleman, but furthermore a sniper, and recon group leader (Roberts ...
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