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The weather makers

The Weather Makers

Bright as Sunlight, Light as Wind

The war on climatic change is a very important and crucial decision. This decision lies between deciding between transport or electricity grid. People require from the government to focus on both the electricity and the transportation. The time and resource constraint exist which limit the government to focus on only one issue. To control the carbon emissions for the next fifty years, it is very important to follow the discovery of Steven Pacala and Robert Socolow. A thorough research should and must be conducted before implementing their research. The research would help evaluate if their discovery implementation will not hurt any other thing through technology. Technology can also be divided into two kinds. One kind can be described as which can generate power at the present time and situation. The other kind can be described as the one which can provide a continuous result without being interfered by the situation and circumstances. This was the widespread assumption that the latter technology would be costly. In various countries, wind power is used to generate electricity. This is cheaper than using fossil fuel. It is also helping the industry to grow at an increasing rate. It has a few disadvantages too. Wind does not always blow, therefore, it is unreliable. Turbines generating wind power is bird killers and extremely noisy. Three leading technologies are known to develop the power of the sun. These technologies are solar hot water systems, photovoltaic cells and solar thermal devices. Solar hot water system is said to be cheaper of all three; cost effective and an effective method for using the power of the sun. It catches solar heat and heat the water. Photovoltaic cells are used to produce one's own electricity. Solar thermal power generates a huge amount of electricity by focusing on sun's rays onto the less, highly efficient solar collectors (Berg, 2009).

Nuclear Lazarus

It is said that we are lucky enough to be so far away from sun as the sun itself is said to be a nuclear energy. James Lovelock, who originated Gaia Hypothesis, requested to make a huge expansion in the global nuclear energy programs. He recommended the expansion of nuclear power programs because he said that climatic changes are approaching the world very fast. He believed that only the nuclear energy can stop the climatic changes approach so quickly. Always it is seen that when mentioning nuclear power, three things come to people's minds. These are safety, disposal of waste and bombs. One important issue to be concerned is the management of radioactive waste. It is hoped by the nuclear industry that due to technological advancements reliable reactor types would be developed. These would produce electricity on the same cost as coal can produce electricity. Their options are present; among which, only one can be availed. One is hydrogen and other is nuclear. If the power production is made centralized, this would cause the enormous power organizations to ...
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