The Workers Body Is A Resource To Be Exploited

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The Workers Body Is a Resource to Be Exploited

The Workers Body Is a Resource to Be Exploited


When people work 100 hours a week and get paid for 40, of course you are going to get productivity. Since 1980, the compact with the American worker has changed. In the past, the agreement between management and worker was that the company provided security, a decent wage, and good working conditions. In exchange, the worker offered their loyalty and good, hard work. Though there were many problems then, "Made in America" meant something pretty damn good. People worked 8-hour-days and lived more balanced lives and we still had the greatest economy in the world (Brislin, 1986,, 137).

The Workers Body Is a Resource to Be Exploited

Today, workers are being offered none of that. Things are bad whether you are at the bottom of the ladder and need to work three jobs just to keep up with the gas bills, or you are on top and kept tethered to your blackberry 24/7. Most workers have no security, in terms of job, health care, or retirement. Wages have stagnated for decades. And workers need to work in ways that interfere with every other aspect of their lives. The consequences are dire. In my practice, I am seeing many problems as a result of this. Because people can't take care of themselves, I am seeing health problems. We clearly have an epidemic of stress related health problems in our country, from heart disease, cancer, diabetes, to obesity. Addictions are through the roof. In order to cope with the stress, people are drinking and drugging at alarming rates (Brislin, 1986,, 137).

Untold numbers are experiencing mental health problems. Anxiety and depression are everywhere. Relationships are fragmenting. People aren't forming life bonds with marriage rates plummeting, and those that do find relationships are having a hard time sustaining them, with divorce continuing to hover at 50%. Children are suffering. Without having the continuous care of a primary parent, children are suffering in their education and are showing more emotional and cognitive problems than ever.

Workers hired by contractors at US embassies in the Gulf routinely have their passports confiscated, their wages withheld and pay fees to secure their jobs, a US state probe has found. A poll of 77 workers in six US embassies and consulates in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman and the UAE found employees are charged up to a year's salary in recruitment fees to secure their job. “Nearly 50 percent of workers said they paid fees totaling more than six months' salary… and 27 percent reported paying fees of more than one year's salary,” the report by the Office of the Inspector General found. “This effectively resulted in debt bondage at their destination.” Some workers were recruited deceptively through abuse of their lack of education, language and information.

The report also flagged serious concerns about the living conditions of workers, who comprised janitors, cooks, gardeners and security ...