The Young Black Men: Richard Wright's Native Son, Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man And James Baldwin's Go Tell It On The Mountain

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The young black men: Richard Wright's Native Son, Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man and James Baldwin's Go Tell It on the Mountain



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This dissertation is about the racism issues. The entire research is done by analyzing Native Son by Richard Wright, Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison and Go Tell It on the Mountain by James Baldwin. Richard Wright responds to widespread suffering African Americans, shows an expression that creates social injustice and racial, and disturbs the assumptions of American myth, meritocracy, and the power target. The novel Native son becomes an arena of debate among critics and a scholar, for great is the crime and violent deaths that meet their esoteric peace and harmony. Although socio-political analyses of Native remain fruitful, who cannot understand the deeper underlying issues involved in the philosophical novel. Ralph Ellison lived in turbulent times of Political and social changes for African-American community. His move to Harlem in 1936 introduced him to various social sectors. Despite the stock market crash of 1929 and the race riots of the early bitter nineteen teens had somewhat dampened the enthusiasm first 0 f the Harlem Renaissance. Harlem I was still a magnetic centre for black Americans in the 30's. Lee Harlem protected not only oppressed in society. Aspiring intelligentsia also held and conducted. The latter included prominent figures from both literary and artistic realms, such as Langston Hughes, Richard Wright. Augusta Savage. Such figures Lawrence's Jacob and stimulated interest in the black community not just as artists in their own right. In his work in hopes of giving the world an image, if only a fleeting glance, that African Americans were carrying culture. The emotions felt and the history they lived. Baldwin vividly presents and critiques these notions, offering the reader a glimpse into a world that not only must contend with the ideals of religion, but must also refigure these notions within the paradigmatic influences of the street. Moreover, it is the design of the street, as social phenomenon with its own discourse and constructs, that skews one's ability to live a life of spiritual pureness and virtue." Henderson then connects what she calls African American notions of pureness and virtue to African American women.







Theoretical framework1


Research questions2


Richard Wright3

Ralph Elision4

James Baldwin6

Introduction to native son7

Through the native son10

The invisible man13

Go tell it on the mountain21

The contribution of literature (Native son, Invisible man & Go tell it on the ...
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