Theorist Comparison And Contrast

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Theorist Comparison and Contrast

Theorist Comparison and Contrast


Virginia Henderson

Virginia Avenel Henderson's nationwide and worldwide achievements made her the quintessential doctor of the twentieth century. Her expert vocation was commenced in Virginia where she assisted as the first full-time nursing teacher at Norfolk Protestant School of Nursing as well as took a hardworking function in the state doctors association. She was an American doctor, investigator, theorist. A pioneer doctor teacher, Henderson was instrumental in impelling for the addition of psychiatric nursing in informative programs in Virginia. (Clemon-Stone, 1998) Henderson is well renowned for a delineation of nursing: "The exclusive function of the doctor is to aid the one-by-one, ill or well, in the presentation of those undertakings assisting to wellbeing or its recovery (or to tranquil death) that he would present unaided if he had the essential power, will or knowledge" (Clemon-Stone, 1998, pp45-51)


Imogene King

According to Imogene King, nursing is a method of activities, reactions, interactions, and transactions whereby doctors aid persons of any age and of any socioeconomic assembly to rendezvous their rudimentary desires in accomplishing undertakings of every day dwelling, as well as to contend with wellbeing and sickness at some specific issue in the life cycle. In 1981, Imogene King perfected her notions into a nursing idea that comprised of the following basis: An open scheme structure as the cornerstone of aim attainment; nursing as a foremost scheme inside the wellbeing care system; nursing method focus on interpersonal processes. (Niesworthy, 1998)


Betty Newman

The Neuman's scheme form has two foremost constituents i.e. tension and answer to stress. The purchaser in the Neuman's scheme form is examined as an open scheme in which recurring circuits of input, method, out put and feed back constitute a dynamic organizational pattern. The purchaser may be a one-by-one, an assembly, a family, a community ...
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